[Link] All-star Roundtable: 3DS Announcement Edition

The gang's all here in threeeee deeeeeees!
Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz
Published: September 30, 2010

What do Sam Bishop, Marc Kleinhenz, Sir Gordon Wheelmeier, Micah Seff, Andre Segers, Aaron Thomas, and Douglass C. Perry have in common? The 3DS even though only two of them can read Japanese.

Nintendo has let the cat out of the bag in the Land of the Rising Yen, at least and the gang was there, starting fistfights with one another in the parking lot during their pre-game tailgate party. Imagine what the tenor of their conversation was after the $300 price tag was revealed.

Grab a sausage and an Asahi and join the fray here. Go ahead everyone knows your onamae.