[Podcast] Washington Davecast #3

Sam Bishop calls into Dave Clayman's podcast for a talk about things existing.
Author: TPS Staff
Published: September 20, 2010
Sam Bishop does a lot of things. Some of which you may not even know about. Just so you know, he drives a DeLorean to your Grandparents' house on the weekdays to play Stratego.

But one thing Sam loves/hates/loves more than anything is to podcast. My, does he like to podcast. Sam talks to David Clayman (former executive editor at IGN.com) on his podcast, the "Washington Davecast," and talks about TotalPlayStation.com (hey, that is us!) and what he has been up to recently. You might have noticed that he hasn't been posting a lot on the site. There is a valid reason for that.

If you don't know much about Dave, here is all you need to know: he thinks the "Wii is for babies." At the very least, Ryan agrees. How can the both of them be wrong?

Answer: It is not possible.

Be sure to check out the many great works of David Clayman on his website, The Clayman Gallery.

Washington Davecast #000003
Warning: May contain male-on-male giggling

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