[Podcast] TPS Report # 2

Technology be damned! WE SHALL OVERCOME!
Author: Ryan Green
Published: August 23, 2010
The forces of nature have fought long against our podcast. Many an episode were struck down before their time, only to be thrown into the trash because of audio errors, poor planning, and spiders laying eggs in Sam's ear.

Today, we have kicked the world in the face to deliver another episode of The TPS Report.

Ryan has been wandering the forests of Endor, in search of a way back home. The mighty Sam-yoda (seen: here) has fallen in battle against the evil of Writing. All seems lost for our reluctant hero, until he finds his old friend, Jim Robert.

Jim (of Otaku Pride, RoboRobert, and Death By Protools) joins Ryan this week as they discuss, mostly, the issue around the PS3 "modchip." Will this break the PSN? How will I getz trophies? Where do internets come from? Find out none of these, and more, on the podcast!

TPS Report #2
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(Warning: Contains graphic hacking and poor craftsmanship. Listener discretion is advised).