[Podcast] TPS Report #1

Frak it, we're doing it recorded and taking forever to edit and upload it!
Author: Ryan Green
Published: June 23, 2010
We've been trying for a while to get a podcast together, but our situation isn't as convenient as other fly-by-night websites. But you, our dear readers and spam-bots, have made the struggle all the more bearable. It is here, it is live, and it is yours.

This is the TPS Report.


In this episode, Sam and Ryan (hey, that's me!) recount their experience at E3 2010. Some might call this episode rough for having a cold open, one break, and almost no editing. Well, trust me when I tell you that I tried to edit a podcast before and it currently isn't ready to be posted. But more on that another time.

We harp on about Sony's presser, drift into oncoming traffic with the other platforms, and dive into the sea for a disaster ending. It is just like Batman and Robin, only Sam isn't wearing a nippled Batsuit. He only has the Poison Ivy outfit, but it really isn't that flattering for anyone to wear.

Can you handle the Sam Bishop and That-Other-Guy experience? I hope so, because we plan on doing more [shorter] podcasts in the future. Heck, maybe L.A. won't ruin our lives and things will come together like they are supposed to!

TPS Report 1
(Right-click to download)

Warning: Contains 90% garbage; just 2% less than most Yankee Stadium Soft Pretzels.