Namco Bandai Games Gives Us The Dirt On DW:Gundam

We sit down with localization producer Nobuaki Taguchi to talk about the latest release in the Dynasty Warriors series.
Author: Justin Wong
Published: June 28, 2007
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August 28. That's when this fresh take on the tried and true Dynasty Warrior series is released here in the states, and frankly, we're kind of excited. When gamers think of Dynasty Warriors, Gundam is probably the last thing on their mind. What brought the two together? We asked Mr. Taguchi, and he told us that due to the immense popularity of both franchies in Asian countries, particuarly Japan, it was a "no brainer, especially considering that the game was being developed in Japan."

In times like these, it's becoming increasingly rare to roll out a game with no online content. Unfortunately, DW:Gundam has no online content, nor does it contain any unlocks for Sony's upcoming Home. What it lacks in multiplayer, it makes up for in single player content and new features.

One such feature in DW:Gundam allows gamers to switch between the English and Japanese voiceovers, presumably in real-time. When the Japanese language is selected, the English equivalent is displayed in subtitles on the bottom of the screen. According to Mr. Taguchi, this is the first time that Namco Bandai has attempted anything like it, and it is something that he is personally very pleased with.

There are two modes to play through, Official and Original. As you might have guessed, the Official Mode is based on the storyline of the Gundam manga, and we're told that it'll feature well-known scenes from Mobile Suit and Zeta rendered within the game engine. The Original Mode, on the other hand, ties together aspects and characters from Mobile Suit, Gundam Z, Double Zeta, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, and Turn A for a brand new story created uniquely for the game. If fans want something completely new, this is the mode they should be playing. Due to the immense scope of the Gundam universe, the gameplay will not be divided into chapters for the various series, rather, it will all take place as one cohesive story.
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