SEGA Gamer's Day 2007

The Big S is bringing out the big guns. We take a little peek at their news-filled day and offer a closer look of some of the PlayStation-related lineup.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 10, 2007
SEGA (and yes, like good fanboys, we capitalize it) may have faltered a little as they transitioned from hardware juggernaut to software-only multi-platform provider, but if anything was made clear at their 2007 Gamer's Day event, it's that they're on the rebound. Big time.

There was the news that they would be publishing the next Gas Powered Games title (still unnamed, but we know it's an RPG) on PC, reiterated that a new Total War game (Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms) and Virtua Fighter 5 for the 360 was coming and that they're pushing out Happy Tree Friends False Alarm, an ultra-violent XBLA- and PC- (and, we hope, someday PS3-)downloadable 3D adventure that will hopefully be as sick as it is hilarious. They also showed a short, gritty trailer of Condemned 2: Bloodshot that showed little bits of the same dark, moody atmosphere of the first game and promised new combat and the same light detective work as in the first game (though, Ethan, the game's protagonist, doesn't seem to be doing too well these days), plus multiplayer. Oh, and it's coming to the 360 and PS3.

It wasn't all videos and trailers, however. There were actually games there too -- including a few games for our beloved PlayStation systems. So let\'s take a look, shall we?


[ The Golden Compass ]
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SEGA isn't really known for movie-licensed games, so they're milking this translation of the Nicole Kidman and David Craig-led New Line Movie for all its worth. Hitting all the current platforms, the Shiny-developed adaptation was so early all we really saw were a few basic set pieces and some very work-in-progress shots of light gameplay from a few of the game's 11 levels, which looked like exploration would at the fore. Given Shiny's run with the Matrix games, we're a little uneasy about how it might turn out, but we'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.

[PlayStation 3]

[ SEGA Rally Revo ]
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MotorStorm might have gotten there first, but Revo isn't shying away from producing a classic arcade racer that likes to get dirty. With some fantastic looking terrain deformation (that actually looks more 3D than that other game), arcade controls and support for 30+ licensed cars and six different tracks that really play around with varied terrain types. Our favorite? The mountainous course that started in the lowlands on dry pavement, then moved up to slush, then snow and finally ice before heading back down the mountain and transitioning back.

[ The Club ]
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Though Bizarre Creations might look like a Microsoft-only developer, what with Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars being highlights of the early 360 library, The Club proves they have love for the PlayStation 3 too. A pure action shooter that's about screaming through levels filled with enemies, the idea is to keep shooting enough stuff to keep combos going. To this end, when there are brief moments with no enemies around, targets can be tagged to keep the combo going. It looked great, had the guise of an interesting story about a ragtag bunch of characters all be recruited into a game where they play for their lives, and seemed rather far along already.

Now granted, SEGA's lineup is decidedly more PC/360-heavy these days, but they're just getting started and games like Revo show that the PS3 is still a viable lead platform. In the coming weeks, we should have a whole lot more info for you to digest, so keep checking back to get the poop.