SCEA Gamers' Day 2007

Quite possibly the most impressive tri-platform showing in history just happened. Here's the skinny on everything shown and announced.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 17, 2007
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Look, there's no easy way to say this: Sony has been stuck in a public relations quagmire on the level of a certain war in the Middle East ever since E3 last year. Striding in proudly with what they felt was the cutting-edge gaming and media experience, the reality of the system's $600 price tag has done more to quell enthusiasm among gamers than almost any comment that leaked freely from the loose lips of company execs over the years, but a decided lack of news one the software front isn't helping anything either.

What Sony needed was a clear and definite sign that they could demonstrate a level of programming proficiency and online flexibility that none of their consoles had presented in the first six months of release (or, uh, ever in the case of online). What they showed off down at their San Diego offices (home of their growing sports efforts) was a kind of software orgasm, a huge, multi-platform avalanche of surprisingly varied games across all of Sony's systems out on the market -- and yes, that means the PlayStation 2 too.

Here, then, is the run-down of everything shown at Gamers' Day event.
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