What's What with the PlayStation 3

The system, the games, the specs, and the lofty hopes we have for Sony's latest powerhouse.
Published: July 1, 2005
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So perhaps you've heard by now that a sleek, silver brick known as the PlayStation 3 that was the core focus of Sony Computer Entertainment America's Press
Conference back in mid-May. Seeing the future of gaming before your very eyes and something, and heck, we were there to experience every bit of it first hand (well, most of it... stupid L.A. traffic). We know what it looks like, what it's capable of, what's currently in development for it, and frankly, you should too! Enter our big ol' PS3 feature: our chance to chuck at you everything we know about the Sony's next baby that's expected to grave store shelves in Spring 2006. But what's a bunch of specs and numbers without our take on it? As brimming with personality as we always are, this is also our chance to talk up what we thought of the confirmed titles that are PS3-bound and the high hopes we have for our favorite franchises' next installments. Ready? Set? Click!
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