[Q&A] Heavenly Sword

Would you like to know more about Ninja Theory's system selling PlayStation 3 property, pre-assembled by the folks at Sony? Well okay, here ya go!
Published: July 28, 2006
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Of all the games shown off at this year's E3, none was more well received or talked about than Heavenly Sword, though this was due more in part to the "holy crap that actually looks like the CG video from E3 2005!" responses than anything else.

Still, we don't want to short-change the game. It's been likened to God of War (not a bad comparison if you ask us), and though we've only seen a tease of the enclosed fights (there still massive Dynasty Warriors-level fights we've yet to see), it's easily one of the most exciting games headed to Sony's big black box.

But what about the stuff that hasn't been shown in video? How the game coming along? How has the team taken to developing for the PlayStation 3's bizarro moon archtecture? Find out all that and more right here...
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