F.E.A.R. 3

When's this girl finally going to grow up?

We played F.E.A.R. 3's multiplayer. It was fu**ing intense!
Author: Parjanya C. Holtz
Published: April 16, 2011
The first-person shooter may just be the most unoriginal and crowded genre in the entire videogame industry. Every year we are being bombarded with a hoard of new titles to choose from, and as a consequence it is not an easy task for a shooter to distinguish itself from its competition.

It's almost a little ironic that F.E.A.R. 3 lacks both the pretty graphics and the gutter humor that some studios and publishers are so utterly convinced is the solution to the above mentioned dilemma, yet still managed to leave quite the impression upon us at the preview event that was held at San Francisco's Harlot club a couple of weeks back.

It didn't take us much longer than 10 minutes to realize what a gem of a multiplayer mode Day 1's first fully developed F.E.A.R. title packs when it is scheduled to ship in May. Offering four modes of play (“Fu**ing Run,” “Contractions,” “Soul Survivor” and “Soul King”) designed for four players each, F.E.A.R. 3 is a title that doesn't bother with such conventional snooze fests as “Team-Deathmatch” or “Capture the Flag” that seemingly every shooter tries to sell us as “original” these days.

But it was “Fu**ing Run” that stood out as Day 1's most interesting and fun addition to the online shooter world. As one of four players, your goal is to make it through a map alive by, guess what, fucking running for your life.

As you fight your way through narrow streets and tight alleys, up ladders and across rooftops, Alma, the little teenage girl gone wild from the previous games, chases you in the form of a giant wall of smoke. This wouldn't be too scary if getting touched by it didn't mean game over – for all! “Fu**ing Run” means, fucking don't leave anyone behind. If one of your teammates goes down, you better revive him as fast as you can.

Similarly to Left 4 Dead, the map is divided into four to five sections in between which you get to take a few seconds to catch your breath, stock up on ammunition, and move in position to begin sprinting again. But those little safe havens aren't checkpoints that save your hard fought for progress – one mistake and you and your team get to start all over from the very beginning.

This may sound frustrating to some, but “Fu**ing Run” is so intense and so much fun that a death only made us more determined to try again. “Fu**ing Run” is fucking addictive.

It took three full grown men with beards to finally pull us away from the console to make sure we did in fact get some hands-on time with the other modes as well, which were all good fun, but our minds never ceased to wander back to what would have waited for us if we'd actually made it across the rooftops to the fourth and fifth section of the map.

When we finally got home that night and exhaustedly fell into our beds with our shoes still on, we imagined strangling our teammates in their sleep as an appropriate punishment for not fucking running fast enough.