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PlayStation Blog Promises In-Game XMB This Year

Multiplayer and community features are Sony's next big project.
Author: Warren Stallworth
Published: April 16, 2008
On the official PlayStation Blog, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing & PLAYSTATION Network, had a little something to say about the PLAYSTATION Network and the rest of 2008. He admitted that the original concept of the PlayStation Store didn't live up to Sony's normally polished brand of execution, which is a claim that nearly all outlets and fans leveled at the company when the previous store first went live. But now that the new store has hit and it's both elegant and simple to use, we can safely say that Sony learned a valuable lesson about giving the consumer something that enhances the experience.

But what's most interesting about Mr. Dille's blog are the future plans he outlined for the PLAYSTATION Network. Key phrases like free online gaming, digital media download services, and original content were bandied about quite readily but it was the upcoming content that grabbed the most attention. In particular, Grand Turismo 5 Prologue, Wipeout HD, echochrome, and flOwer were mentioned as examples of content that will continue to come to the PLAYSTATION Network. They also have plans for a video service that will allow PlayStation 3 owners to download full-length TV shows and movies, but there's nothing more concrete to reveal just yet.

Community related features were also touched on in Mr. Dille's blog, but the biggest one was in-game access to XMB features THIS YEAR. If anything, this is the single biggest feature that the PlayStation 3 needs. Everything else is just one big, fat cherry on top. They're also committed to bringing Home out this year, with more announcements on that coming in the future.

The last big thing Mr. Dille touched on in the PlayStation Blog was the roll out of PlayStation Cards to retailers nationwide in denominations of $20 and $50 starting this spring, so kids can finally spend their hard earned money without begging mom for the credit card.

Sony has a long way to go to pull themselves out of the gigantic hole that they've dug, but they are committed to doing just that and becoming the number one force in the industry that they'd been for the last decade. The redesigned PlayStation Store is a good step in that direction and the in-game XMB will be an even bigger one. Coupled with stellar online only offerings and big retail showings, and 2008 could really be the year of the PlayStation 3.