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Dungeon Hunters: Alliance

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Dungeon Hunters: Alliance Coming in April

Gamelofts new action RPG is coming to PSN next month
Author: Kyle Heimbigner
Published: March 9, 2011
Today on the PSN Blog we noticed a new action RPG, coming for PSN, titled Dungeon Hunters: Alliance and it will be released sometime in April. It is being developed by Gameloft, who is responsible for Modern Combat: Domination, and Earthworm Jim HD on the PlayStation 3.

“This is the first action-RPG game that immerses you in the heart of a unique multiplayer experience, both local and online” said Jen Kye, Social Media Editor at Gameloft. “Our dev team is quite focused on making sure the gameplay is engaging enough for the hardcore audience” Jen went on to add.

Gameloft didn’t give to many specific details about gameplay but they did provide this here trailer that looks juicy and gives us just enough information to go off. An emphasis on multiplayer and character development was made. This also marks the first Dungeon Hunter game on a console. The Dungeon Hunter series has been strictly for handheld systems and got it’s start on the iPhone where it saw success and a sequel. There are also HD versions available on the iPad; so Gameloft does know their action RPGs.

If Gameloft can make this a challenging action RPG then this writer will be a happy camper. I have been playing action RPGs forever and have seen them all. From Diablo, NoX, and Dungeon Siege up to the most recent hit game, Torchlight (which has a sequel coming out later this year for the PC). Action RPGs right now seem to be a big trend for this year with the formly mentioned Torchlight 2 and then Dungeon Siege 3 coming out soon with the possibility of Diablo 3 near the end of the year.