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Dragon Age II DLC and Signature Edition Details

Paid DLC already?! Dragon Age II isn't even out yet!
Author: Kyle Heimbigner
Published: January 7, 2011
A worrying trend in the games industry has been to announce DLC ready for the launch of a game. Bioware has been doing this with their titles over the last year; they did it with the first Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, and this time they're doing it for Dragon Age 2, which launches in North America on March 8.

Dubbed “The Exiled Prince,” the day-and-date DLC pack adds a new character to your party: an archer named Sebastian Vael. Quoth the EA press release:

“Sworn to the priesthood as a boy, Sebastian is forced to re-enter the viper's nest of princely politics when his family is brutally murdered, leaving him as the sole surviving heir.”

So far so good, right? This is the sort of story we have come to expect from Dragon Age. It is missing something, though, that makes it uniquely a BioWare game... Ah here it is:

“Banding together with Sebastian and his unshakable loyalty and excellent aim, players will choose to either avenge Sebastian's murdered family to reclaim his title or direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall.”

Choices! The first Dragon Age was all about choices that affected you, your party and the world around you, and was one of the strongest points of the medieval epic. Players will also be able to take Sebastian along for the ride through the rest of the game and put his deadly skills to good use.

That's not all of the information we received today either; EA also announced what will be included in the Dragon Age II Signature Edition: "The Exiled Prince" DLC pack, the game’s digital soundtrack and an exclusive in-game digital armory featuring a variety of in-game weapons. If you're unable to pre-order Dragon Age II you can still obtain the Exiled Prince DLC pack for $7. The other very interesting tidbit of information is that if you pre-order before January 11th your pre-order will be automatically upgraded to the Signature Edition, so fill your lust for bloodshed and pre-order now while the pre-orderin's good!