Disney Infinty

Gotta Buy ‘Em All!

Could you spend an infinite amount of time (and money) on Disney Infinite?
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: September 8, 2013
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I have a bit of a rich history with Disney. Like most kids, I watched all the movies growing up (and I am old enough where we had to rely on the Disney 7-year release cycle to see anything we didn’t see in the theater). In college I sort of blundered into an internship there one semester as part of the Walt Disney World College Program (that’s a whole set of stories unto itself) and while there I fell in love with the place. It helps if your very first time seeing the park is stepping out into it from inside Cinderella’s Castle (having been brought to that point via the park’s legendary underground tunnel system), and the memory of drinking in those first moments will resonate with me for the rest of my life. During my time at Disney I met quite a few people who worshiped at the altar of Walt and one of them became my best friend, and as the years went by my appreciation of all things Disney grew.

That feeling waned a bit as I grew older and Disney seemed to grow more cynical. Disney movies were no longer an event to me and if I missed one here or there I didn’t care. Eventually I had kids of my own though, and as they have grown up I have gotten back into Disney movies as they have. Just recently my aforementioned best friend planned the most amazing trip back to Disney World that I regretfully can’t attend. I would love to go back and walk the streets of Epcot, hopping from country to country and snickering at the different cultural uniforms.

Instead I am at home with the kids, exploring a virtual Disney universe in their newest foray into the cultural zeitgeist with Disney Infinity. It’s something of a bold move that clearly is an attempt to horn into the Skylanders market, so much so that comparisons are inevitable. As Disney is wont to do these days, they’ve put a lot of effort into the initial push and that includes the first round of playsets for the game itself.

Playsets are the heart of Infinity and serve two purposes. Each playset represents a single Disney IP and contains a story-driven adventure mode that will take you about 5 or 6 hours to run through and a couple more hours to see and do everything. Playsets also unlock characters and features from their own and other movies for use in the new expanded Toy Box mode. Each starter pack of Infinity comes with the playsets for Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean, and at launch you could also grab Cars and The Lone Ranger with Toy Story coming soon and others “in the future” but probably within a year.
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