Disney Infinty

[E3 2013] To Infinity And A Bunch Of Other Places

Disney Infinity seems to pack a whole lot of punch.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: June 13, 2013
Disney took a long hard look at all those Skylanders dollars and decided there was plenty of room for some competition. Especially if they could leverage their massive catalog of licenses that stretch across all of culture. Thus was born the idea of Disney Infinity, a game that looks to be as content-heavy as any "kids" game we've seen in a long time.

There are two parts to Disney Infinity, a "campaign" mode and the classic Disney toy box mode. The game comes with a Disney version of Skylanders Portal of Power that lets you place one or two figurines on it to put that character in the game world. The portal also supports adding boosters to those characters in the form of discs. Included with base package are going to be characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster's Inc. and The Incredibles. You'll get one character from each of those films, while 3 or 4 more characters are also available if you want to pick them up later. Also available for purchase at launch will be sets from Cars and The Lone Ranger, with more promised for the future.

For the campaign modes each film will have its own 5-10 hour long campaign that is themed to fit the subject matter. The Pirates campaign features attacking fortresses and high seas ship battles (and a kraken!), Cars focuses mostly on racing (with some Tony Hawk style tricks) and of course The Lone Ranger is a western. While you can use any character from a given set in their campaign, they are not cross-campaign compatible. You can play through Pirates as Barbossa, but try and put Dash from the incredible on there and it won't fly. With two characters from the same set you can play co-op.

Those varying campaigns alone would make this a pretty intriguing package, but the toy box mode this time around is essentially LittleBigPlanet-lite. Unlike the campaign, you are free to mix and match characters in the world, and no matter what sets you own there are elements of every movie from Tron to Wreck-it=Ralph to Cinderella included to add into your world. Through a pretty intricate set of controls you can completely build your own world that's about racing, platforming, fighting, or just about anything if you spend enough time with it. The sheer amount of content available to add to the world and the controls to modify behaviors is almost staggering. It far outpaces any other toy box mode they've set forth before.

While it's obviously going to take a whole lot of money to experience everything the game has to offer (the base set is going to retail for $75, and getting characters to unlock the initial 2 additional campaign will probably run another $30 or so) the potential for getting completely lost in playing around with all the stuff is fantastic. Disney looks to be tossing down a serious gauntlet in the Skylanders direction.

With the immense catalog to draw from in the future we are also pretty excited to see what kind of crazy campaigns the devs can come up with in the future. Right now they've taken some creative and witty approaches to using the theme of each set. It seems like a sure bet that we'll see this series having some staying power and the wide-range appeal of the Disney franchises along with the more mature (but still kid-friendly) gameplay will appeal to a broader audience.