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Time to Get DIRTy

Oh Colin McRae, you're so clever. And you didn't even name your own game! That's how clever you are!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: July 20, 2006
Codemasters wasn't kidding when they originally said that Colin McRae Rally '07 (or, if you're hip to the slang CMR'07 was just a working title. Though we certainly wouldn't have minded another yearly entry, Codies clearly does, and so Mr. McRae's latest deliciously next-gen outing will now go by the name DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road. Yes, really. Hey, they've moved 8+ million copies of the series; we'll just have to trust that they know what they're doing.

DIRT will be hitting PC, the 360 and, yes, our lovely little black George Forman Gill all at the same time at some point next year (Codemasters is still being rather vague about the exact date). As mentioned in the original announcement, the team took two years off to gear up for the next-gen push, and it's meant shifting the focus away from the series' staple point-to-point races in favor of Rally Cross and Hill Climb events (like the authentically replicated 150+ turn, 12.4 monster that is Pikes Peak).

New gravel, mud and, yes, dirt physics are in, as are an upgrade to the game's already impressive damage model mean it'll look purdy. Wait, it was already a looker. It'll look purdier (just check out the new shots we posted for an example). It'll also be a deeper experience; the new modes aren't just limited to more race types. New vehicles like Baja or Dakar-style 4x4 trucks (with complementary Rally Raid races), 2WD, 4WD, RWD and classic cars will be added (along with Global, International and Euro rally championships).

Codemasters is still apparently keeping more details from us, but when we can wrench the goods from their iron grip, we'll make sure you have them ASAP.