Demon's Souls

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You have no idea. Really.

Plan your vacation now.

You will die at least 7 times reading this story...

Pffffttttt.... you pansies use a strategy guide? In my day we beat games like MEN.

Pfffffttttt... you pansies use a GUIDE? Back in my day we bet games like MEN!

Atlus lets us know that our suffering will continue well into 2011.

Now you can get invaded for a fraction of the price!

Seven new *Greatest Hits* added to the PlayStation 3!

By decree of Old King Doran!

Go forth and mend the world, adventurers.

And to celebrate, Atlus is doing what they do best: world tendency events!

Sad times indeed.

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on you again!

Plus a week of Pure White tendency for those who think this is harsh.