Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

He Loves The PP

Frank West is back and fatter than ever in Capcom's latest remix of the same game you bought at full price a year ago.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: November 23, 2011
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The first Dead Rising was a force to be reckoned with when it graced the Xbox 360. It was a punishingly brutal game involving hordes of zombies, familiar themes, and... photography. Yeah, that game was freakin' weird. But it also had a lot of charm, found in one of the least charming main characters: Frank West. This story lead made adventuring through a mega-mall, filled with monsters and psychopaths, something to behold. Frank was selfish, sexist, and probably in the closet (not that we have a problem with that; the series has a thing for questionable sexuality). You became Frank as you took pictures of fear-ridden survivors being eaten alive, and with any luck, you got a nip-slip in it, too. That was Dead Rising, or at least how I came to know the game.

But things changed up a bit when Dead Rising 2 finally came around. With a change in developer came a change in the lead character. How much more Canadian can you get than "Chuck Greene"? Instead of being a photojournalist, in Dead Rising 2 you play as a stuntman [Editor's Note: extreme, brah] with the skills it takes to make brand new weapons from often mundane items. The game had a decent story, DLC, and co-op; it was a modern-ish zombie game.

But something was missing from Dead Rising 2. Apparently it was through the aforementioned DLC that Blue Castle Games figured it out: the game needed 100% more Frank West. And that is exactly what you're getting in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. So please, take the time to erase all knowledge and expectations from the game about Chuck Greene and his daughter while the tale is retold the way Frank West would experience it.

If you never played a Dead Rising game, you are in for a treat, assuming you love escort missions and brutality. The story focuses on Frank West, a washed up star made famous by his exploits in the first game. Now he is set in another city filled with zombies, psychopaths, and cowering civilians trapped in dire situations. Things are made a bit worse in that you need to, at the very least, find Zombrex to stay alive, lest you turn into one of the mindless zombies.

But if you've played the previous entry in the series, you might be wondering what the differences are. And to be Frank (ugh, sorry), Off The Record and Dead Rising 2 differ on, mostly, some very fine points that anyone who played the second game will notice outright. A lot of the same dialogue is used over again, but it is mixed with new ones for the story to make some more sense. That said, the same bad voice acting from our least-favorite Channel 5 Action News reporter is still just as bad as the last game. You'll also see a lot of the same combo weapons available readily for construction, but newer weapons like the Saw Launcher and Laser Eyes are exclusive to this new tale. What's more, you'll encounter some more survivors to rescue in the new area, the Uranus Zone, a sci-fi theme park that adds a few more distractions for you.
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