de Blob 2

Addictive Gameplay Makes de Blob 2 de Bomb Too!

You’ll find yourself saying, “Just one more neighborhood!”
Author: Andy Curtiss
Published: March 20, 2011
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The controls, as previously mentioned, are incredibly easy to master. Keep in mind again folks: this was developed as a kid's game. So it really is simple. Jump into a pool of paint and hit R1 to absorb your maximum amount of paint points. Then simply jump around and touch stuff to color it. Yes - it's really that easy. Occasionally you'll find the need to smash something (a bot, or perhaps a crate from the evil Inkt Corporation). You simply hold down L1 to target the smashable object, then the X button to smash. The downside is that smashing does take a certain amount of paint points. So you'll need to have a source of paint nearby. Blob isn't invulnerable either by the way. Pools of black ink and certain enemies can hurt Blob. His paint points serve as a first line of defense. But once his paint points are drained away (or covered up by black ink), then his life points go next. And then kids it's game over - back to your last save point.

The music and sound are not bad points. But they're also not something to write home about. The music is very upbeat and the soundtrack is diverse. And it serves it's purpose - to provide background noise for what's going on. But it's not anything to be crazy about. You'll also quickly notice that the characters don't actually speak in English. They sort of jabber on in their own Prisma language. Which is cute of course... but again no big deal.

All of these things being said, dB2 is a very simple game. If you're a completionist and enjoy finding EVERYTHING each stage has to offer then dB2 will keep you busy. For after you have repainted the city and freed most of it's inhabitants the stage will offer you additional challenges before moving on to the next stage. Sometimes the challenge is to free all the citizens in this neighborhood, or painting over all Comrade Black's billboards. The game's radar function will point you in the right direction, but it's up to you find exactly what your goal is. And depending on the stage you can be kept busy for quite awhile. What makes dB2 special though is with all the coloring going on, jumping around, and absorbing paint colors, you really don't get bored or feel like it's tedious. You'll find yourself wanting to paint just a little bit more... just one more neighborhood... just this one more landmark... okay, just one more challenge...
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The Verdict

It can honestly be said that de Blob 2 will be fun game for any age gamer. Whether you want some colorful platformming or just want a fun game to veg-out to after work - de Blob 2 will fit the bill!


Here's the funny thing - the graphics don't necessarily "challenge" what the PS3 is capable of. But it's clear that the developers spent a lot of time making a game that is colorful and visually striking.


Again - there's nothing wrong with the sound. It's just sort of bland. Which is a shame because the game is so bright and cheerful. I suppose I'm just bored with standard videogame music.


The controls feel great and are easy to learn. When rolling up a wall, however, it can be a bit tricky to maneuver. And Blob doesn't jump as high as it feels like he should. But both are trivial issues.


The developers really struck gold here. The is fun to play, simple to get the hang of, and really sucks you in. Between smashing bots, painting buildings and saving Prisma City there's lots to do and you'll have fun doing it.