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Wait, what?! A DC Comics massively multiplayer online game helmed by the head of Wildstorm?

That's the Joker and the goddamn Batman to those not down.

I think the Joker broke the servers.

The voice cast expands a little bit more with the announcement of four major names.

It's all about superheroes, villians and doods this week.

What is 3D audio? It is something Sony is excited about, that is for sure.

A recent intrusion into the separate Sony online structure resulted in a system-wide shut down.

Huh, how about that. Guess there's something to be said for this whole free-to-play model after all, eh?

Don't blink, you might miss him.

Sony Online Entertainment shares a few very interesting tidbits about their superhero MMO.

I would say Happy Holidays but I don't want Fox News beating down our doors.

It has been quite a relationship.