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First Details On Dark Souls Revealed

The first details come to light on the spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls.
Author: Kyle Heimbigner
Published: February 1, 2011
Demonís Souls was released in 2009, gamers picked it up almost purely by word of mouth with promises of a truly hardcore and challenging RPG that tested their skill and motivation to complete what is by far one of the hardest console games of this current generation. Sony originally wasn't even going to release the game in the west but then a large number of gamers imported the english Asian version which convinced Atlus to pick up the publisher rights to release Demon's Souls in the United States. A spiritual sequel to the King's Field series, Demonís Souls was a hardcore action RPG that puts the player into a bleak, dark and depressing medieval style fantasy world where a kingdom has become over run by a thick fog and demons. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, and it will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 sometime this year.

We first learned of the game's existence at the Tokyo Game Show back in September with a very interesting teaser and given a code name, Project Dark. The latest issue of the Japanese Famitsu has finally unveiled the first real details on Dark Souls. The most prominent change is the absence of the Nexus, a hub-like world that connected you to the other worlds in the original. Instead, everything this time around is seamless, because From Software wants players to explore and this is going to be a large part of the game world, as everything you see far off in the distance you will be able to visit. A position marker will point you in the right direction of your next main objective, so don't worry about getting lost.

If you thought Demonís Souls couldnít be made any harder, you were wrong. From Software wants to make Dark Souls more challenging and at the same time more rewarding; they want to strike a very good balance between rewarding the player for risk and brutally bashing their skulls in if they fail to approach an obstacle the correct way. Classes are being removed this time and the game will be more streamlined, but the player will still have more freedom in how they choose to play this includes more spells, items and weapons. From Software is also putting more work into the animations to make combat look more fluid and realistic. The last bit of detail we got was that many of the fan favorite online features (leaving messages, blood stains, co-op and pvp) will be making a return with a few changes that have not all been announced yet, but more details will be revealed soon.

We are very excited for Dark Souls. Demonís Souls was a unique RPG and a breath of fresh air in this generation of often too easy games that you could blow through without ever dying. Dark Souls promises to be only for the most dedicated and skilled players and we are willing to take it on to see just how difficult it really is. That, or we'll just wait for someone to write a really nice online guide telling us of all the ways we can cheese boss encounters.