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Dark Souls II

The Forging Of A Hero In Dark Souls II

Just when you thought you might be able to retire the PS3.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: August 23, 2013
Hey, guess what game won the informal straw poll of TPS when we were reminiscing about the best games of the PS3 generation? If you are a loyal reader (or someone who can figure out where this is going) then you already know the answer is Dark Souls from FROM Software.

We've gone on and gushed about the deep combat and peerless worldcrafting in that game enough though. Now it's time to start shifting focus over towards the upcoming Dark Souls II. Yes, it is still a ong wait until March of 2014 when the game hits, and I'm sure all of us will be reveling in the Playstation 4 generation when it comes, but that doesn't mean it isn't our most anticipated games.

Today Namco Bandai put out a new trailer, "The Forging Of A Hero" which you can see below. While it doesn't reveal a damn thing about the gameplay (you can bet that is coming though) it does show a pretty badass metal worker crafting a suit of armor for the new hero. We've also tossed up some screenshots on the site that aren't new, but who cares! It's Dark Souls II! Look at them and behold the majesty coming in 2014.

Obviously this is a game we are keeping a close eye on. Editor Emeritus Sam Bishop got his hands on the first game quite early and we're hoping to get our own look at the new one as soon as possible. If you've never checked out the "Souls" series before we highly recommend it... assuming you are a patient person who does not get frustrated easily!

I hope that armor is in the game!