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New Comet Crash Content Hurtling Towards The PSN

Grab two friends and a half-rack of Natural Light! It's party time!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 22, 2010
Here at TPS, we simply could not get enough of Comet Crash. Many were the nights when Sam would come out of the office, rake his gaze across our cubicles and let out a hearty laugh, followed by a declaration of "It's CRASHING TIME!". The kegerator would flow until it was belching foam as we'd rotate in and out of games, the staff that was spectating lustily cheering the three who battled the hordes, or each other. Time and attrition wore down our resolve, and soon those nights were naught but a fond memory as other games whored their way into our lives. None of them knew how to replicate the magic though.

Today we rejoice, however! Developer Pelfast has reappeared liked the mythical phoenix bearing tidings that they are set to release a mammoth expansion, Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm. This November, get ready for new gameplay features, 16 new levels, and 10 battle maps across two new environments and a whole lot of drunken nights at the office. For a mere $4.99, you expand your Comet Crash content by over 50%!

For those who missed out (and didn't follow the review link at the beginning of the story), Comet Crash is a tower defense game that lets you go on the offensive and launch attacks while also fortifying your defenses. Featuring 3-player co-op and an interesting array of attacks and defenses, you can check out the homepage for the game to find out more.

If you come by the TPS offices late in the afternoon around mid-November, don't be shocked to see Ryan punching the walls until his hands are bloody, Paji muttering German curses, and Sam doubled over in pain from laughter while Marc, Scott, Kyle, Andy and the rest of the staff are huddled in the corner crying. Oh, and yours truly sitting there with the smug grin of victory plastered on my face. I own all the chumps around here when it comes to crashing comets.