Captain America: Super Soldier

Yeah, I AM Batman!

Captain America: Super Soldier tries to emulate his friend from DC.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: September 8, 2011
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By now we all know the drill. Hot action movie comes out, rushed shovelware game comes out piggybacking on top of said film, critics pan it mercilessly but it still sells well because the Wal-Mart crowd shops with no regard to anything but marketing. Given that sort of pedigree, you'd be forgiven for assuming Captain America: Super Soldier was a steaming pile of shit. GUESS WHAT! It really isn't! No, it won't garner any GotY consideration, and with the truckloads of top-flight games releasing in the coming months, you might not even have time for it now. But when you get bored when things slow down again, and the game can be had for $20, you sure as hell could do a lot worse.

Ask yourself this… do you like the following things?

- The Captain America movie (it was pretty decent!)

- The free-flowing combat of Batman: Arkham Asylum

- Punching Nazis in the face (no, there are no Nazis in the game, but there ARE Hydra, who are so fucking evil that they splintered off the Nazis because even they were horrified by what Hydra was doing)

- Really easy platinum trophies

- Airplanes in the night sky (sorry, that song was just playing)

If you answered yes to at least 3 of those, then this might be a game for you!

There is no question the obvious comparison for this game is the aforementioned Arkham Asylum. Besides sharing the alliterative subtitle, both games feature protagonists battling evil by exploring a large complex and mainly engaging in non-lethal melee combat to dispatch foes. Lest you get too excited, Super Soldier eschews a lot of the things that made Batman so great. You won't be solving Riddler challenges, you don't have a wide array of gadgets, the story is nowhere near as compelling and well developed, stealth is almost nonexistent, metroidvania-style backtracking isn't necessary, and the boss fights are lacking. What it does have is satisfying combat that lets you flow through fights dispatching foes very fluidly, and a pretty nifty shield that is a nice counterpart to the Batarang.

In addition to a short but fun campaign (I tore through the entire game in one day), there is a challenge mode with ten challenges that break away from the core gameplay for a bit and have the obligatory leaderboard integration. I probably had as good a time messing around with those as I did with the whole campaign, and they are actually more varied and interesting that their equivalent distractions in Arkham Asylum. If nothing else, this was a pretty decent use of the Captain America license.
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