Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Duty Calls, And We Answer

Modern Warfare 3 wraps up the most intense pretend war ever in style.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: November 14, 2011
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It's become a rite of passage that as we approach Veteran's Day each year, we get a new entry in the Call of Duty franchise, much like the end of summer brings a new Madden installment. Activision has a nice little racket going, alternating between Treyarch-developed entries (World at War, Black Ops) and Infinity Ward-developed iterations (Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2) to keep things fresh. While the series had its roots on the PC as a strictly single-player experience (the original Call of Duty stood out against a glut of World War II themed shooters back in the day), it has since morphed into a console staple with a strong focus on multiplayer action. These days, you'll get a nice mix of a (short) single player campaign, some form of co-op, and a pretty deep competitive multiplayer experience. So how does the final(?) entry in the Modern Warfare trilogy of the Call of Duty series fare? We spent a sizable chunk of time with Modern Warfare 3 to give you the lowdown on the situation.

Once again, the game offers you three ways to play when you hit the main menu. Many, many people will ignore the campaign and Special Ops modes in favor of strictly playing competitive multiplayer, but some of us out there still like the whole package. The game gently tries to encourage you to check everything out by warning you that it is better to play through the campaign first if you try to hop right into the MP when you first fire it up, but of course you are free to attack the three modes in any order you see fit. Let's start by talking about the SP campaign.

If you've played through the first two Modern Warfare games (and you really should), you'll be familiar with the style of hopping between protagonists between missions. Most of the missions will put you in the shoes of either Delta Force soldier Frost or the now DISAVOWED Task Force 141's newest member, Yuri. You might remember Task Force 141 as the unit of Soap and Roach, the main protagonists of the first two games. You'll still see Soap (and Price) plenty as NPC's, and you'll also play a few other characters in one-off missions, although those parts are not as memorable as they have been in the earlier games. Each mission also brings with it a new arsenal of real-world weapons that fit in with the unit and location of the mission.

Here's the deal with the Modern Warfare 3 campaign: It absolutely sells out to be the most over-the-top story you can imagine, combining plot points of every summer Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay blockbuster film, especially in the first half of the game where you will constantly find yourself in the midst of non-stop precarious situations. You know how in the Rocky movies there are more punches thrown in one round than you would ever see thrown in an entire 15 round fight in real life? You will kill more bad guys in the first mission of the game (or any mission really) than any soldier would ever kill in a reel war. Don't look at that as a knock on the game though… who wants to trudge through boring crap like Operation Flashpoint when they could hop all over the globe into situations with no down-time at all? Sure, the whole thing was ridiculous, but I had a blast every minute of the approximately 6 hours it took to play through the campaign.
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