Buzz! Quiz World

The Smack Attack is Back

The smarmy, abusive titular host is back in Buzz! Quiz World and it's easily the best in the series. Here's why...
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: December 18, 2009
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It's no secret that we've fallen in love with the Buzz! series since it finally made its way here across the pond way back when. There's something about the magical blend of smart-assed (even borderline asshole-ish) host, fairly easy questions and presentation that makes the game incredibly appealing. People that have never played it before can pick up the mechanics in seconds, those that have aren't necessarily at any major advantage (beyond perhaps being a little quicker on the draw), and there's nearly always a mode toward the end where players that have steamrolled the competition can get their come-uppance.

This is something that anyone who has played the previous PS2 versions or last year's fIrst PS3 outing will no doubt know very well by now. There was a slight problem with Quiz TV, though: despite seeing an obvious improvement to things like graphics when making the leap to the PS3, the addition of being able to make MyBuzz quizzes and share them with other players online wasn't really as big an addition as it could have been. There's been no shortage of people making quizzes, of course, but as an addition it felt like something that could have been part of a greater whole, a proper embracing of all that extra storage space that the Blu-ray disc brought and a jump up in hardware that should have helped "reboot" the franchise.

But it didn't.

Now, Quiz TV was by no means a bad game (it earned a hearty 9.0 from us, after all), but there was definitely a feeling that certain parts of it were rushed or lacking. Buzz parroted the same comments over and over again, there was no real intro, the Trophies were simple "play X number of times" grind-fests and the slim number of modes made for repetitive, if still enjoyable games. Apparently Relentless Software saw my and others' reviews and decided to go down the list and fix things line by line.

Trophies? Infinitely better. Modes? Lots more new ones. Online? Now you can log in and play against specific people instead of a generic "couch" of contestants. Commentary? It's still a little repetitive but is infinitely more diverse than it was last time out. Now, Buzz will comment on leaderboard changes between rounds, will toss out a quip about the number of consecutive right answers, will egg on losing players and does it all by name (something that's accomplished by picking your nickname when you first opt for your in-game character and buzzer sounds). Literally everything I felt was lacking about the first PS3 game has been addressed and corrected if not outright improved.

That's saying something. Buzz! isn't a game that was hurting for personality or presentation, really, but it definitely didn't feel like it was fully embracing the PS3 hardware. Now, things like per-character online battles, deeper stat tracking, better integration of the PlayStation Eye to capture moments during and after games and a completely overhauled presentation really does make it feel like a proper game show. It's unlike anything else out there precisely because it looks so damn good (seriously, the first time I saw the game running it was almost pre-rendered clean).
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