Bound By Flame

[E3 2013] And In The Darkness Bind Us. With Flames.

We aren't scared of Spiders! They were nice enough to show us Bound By Flame
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: June 22, 2013
There are a lot of video games out there. There are so many in development at any given time that is really hard to keep track of every single thing out there, especially with so many European studios out there. That's the situation we found ourselves in when we sat down with the developers to see Bound By Flame. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into, and the top of my notes for this game is a short scrawl that I scribbled waiting for the demonstration to start: "wtf is this?".

Turns out Bound By Flame is a dark fantasy action RPG. That certainly can be a crowded market so we were interested in seeing just what set this particular game apart from the others. I want to stress that this build seemed fairly early and all things like menu and UI were simply placeholders at this point.

The world of Bound By Flame is rife with scientists, scholars and sorcerers all of whom struggle for power. In steps you, a mercenary possessed by a fire demon, a warrior as handy with a spell as he (or she) is with a blade. You are turned loose in a world where in theory your dialogue choices and quest decisions will have long term consequences with the games multiple factions.

It would be fair of you at this point to say none of that really breaks new ground. What BbF might lack in originality it seems it might make up for with depth. The combat appears to be quite visceral and tight, with different weapons handling very differently. Most weapons seem to have several stances that can be used with them, and Spiders told us that different stances will be very beneficial against different enemies.

At some point in the story you will choose to embrace the demon side of you or the human side of you, and that choice will branch how your skills develop from that point forward. Go with the demon and you'll become much more powerful, but side with the human half and suddenly you'll be more clever and gain new crating abilities and other boons. The skill trees are fairly complex with 4 levels of skill (containing multiple skills per level) for combat, fire magic and shadow magic.

There is also tons of customization for those that like that in their RPG. Spiders promised that weapons and armor are both very customizable and that your in-game avatar will show off whatever you happen to have equipped. You'll also get to bring on a couple of followers to help in the battle, and you'll get different sidequests based on who have along.

Right now they are estimating the main campaign at 25 hours if you don't spend too much time on the subquests, and double that or more if you want to see everything. What we did see was pretty action intensive, although we did catch a glimpse of a story interlude that seemed to have some pretty typical fantasy storyline going on.

It might be hard for Bound By Flame to rise up above the competition when it hits in early 2014. Right now they are committed to the PlayStation 3, but we heard there may be some thought to bringing it to the PS4 as well. Now that we are aware that this project exists we're definitely going to keep an eye on its development as time goes on.