Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down Review

An uninspired and boring budget FPS in a sea of more enjoyable FPS games. Not even the $15 price point can save this title from being mediocre.
Author: Kyle Heimbigner
Published: November 4, 2010
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There are a flood of FPS games out currently and more coming almost weekly. If you want your game to get noticed, regardless of the price, you need to bring something interesting and new to the table otherwise you will be swept under the rug. Blacklight: Tango Down is a $15 PSN first person shooter that gives off the impression that it wants to try to fill the gap between big releases or provide some value and entertainment for those on a gaming budget. Does it deliver? Let's find out!

You have two game modes to choose from. Youíve got your standard set of multiplayer modes, and then there is the Modern Warfare 2 Spec-Ops inspired co-op mode called Black Ops. Let's look at Black Ops first. This is the weaker of the two game modes, with only four maps, no story to speak of, and a frustrating challenge against artificial intelligence. The maps are dull and uninspired, and the setting a sort of cyberpunk/science-fiction city that is boring looking and grey.

The biggest issue is that the game just sends a flood of A.I. soldiers at you, so much so that I couldnít tell if they were respawning or not. I have to give the game credit though for providing a challenge, though. I played with a few other members of the TPS staff and we had difficulty getting through. Ryan and Aram were able to complete a checkpoint (Aram claims he did but I donít believe him!). The enemy has near perfect aim and moves from cover to cover, constantly. On top of their elite-level skills, they also seem to be bullet sponges, absorbing an impressive amount of fire before succumbing. While a challenge is always a good thing, it only works when everything else works as well. The controls are not one of these things. The weapons feel too heavy, more so then in say Killzone 2 and attempting to track a constantly moving enemy is infuriating. Most of the time, you end up just rushing from your cover and going down in a hail of bullets. There really needs to be more aim assistance if they are going to make the enemy so precise and overpowered.

For some reason reality can be altered in the Blacklight universe. In addition to run of the mill frag grenades, Blacklight adds in the Digigrenade, which when thrown create a very annoying static field effect that only ends up biting you in the ass, not the A.I. as they can see right through it and continue to use that perfect aiming of theirs to blow you away. Unfortunately the lack of a narrative means there is no explanation for this bizarre effect, and while it is cool to look at it, in practice it's just frustrating.

The real useless gear though is not the grenades and guns at your disposal, no, there is something a lot worse. Your soldier is outfitted with a helmet which provides information to you and overall seems pretty high tech. You would think an integral piece of equipment like that would be a benefit to your survival. You'd be wrong. All it does is hinder you. Enemies can throw EMP grenades that cause your helmet to give the Blue Screen of Death effect so commonly known to anyone who has ever used the Windows Operating System. Yes, I shit you not, you can actually be blue screened in this game. Your helmet provides no tactical advantages whatsoever. Maybe something that helps pick out where enemies are hiding behind walls, different vision views, something to provide tactical information would have been nice. Your helmet does none of this. This is one of the most frustrating things to deal with and the helmet is just part of a larger problem where quite frankly Blacklight is just filled with frustrations.
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