Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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We'll let you in if you know the password.

EA announces another VIP installment and this one should have series fans excited.

Curious who was renting what last year? Yeah, so were we, so we snagged a list from the good folks at GameFly.

You won't need a full metal jacket for this

Now we know that the original Limited Edition title wasn't all lies and nonsense.

It only takes 69 million team actions to unlock a map.

While the Battlefield series continues to move forward, the fate of its spin-off title remains uncertain.

DICE has a new multiplayer mode that lets you kill bots. Frustrated gamers rejoice!

DICE and EA takes us deep in the jungles of Vietnam in this downloadable expansion pack for Bad Company 2.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sports some outmoded design elements, but it can still deliver a magnificent shooter experience.