Battlefield 3

Make Sure to Tap it Twice

The trigger, that is. Battlefield 3 is sprinting, flying, and rolling into battle. Just don't ask me to be your pilot.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: October 29, 2011
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That was until I did happen to come across some game-breaking problems that caused some major frustration. In one of my very first matches, I was running from my deployment and saw my radar show an enemy. There was literally no one around but it showed his health bar and name while I was pointed at the ground. Curious, I shot at it and a kill was registered on someone I never saw. Fast forward to the end of the match, I received a nasty message telling me that I was a glitcher because he was on the other side of the map entirely and it showed me on the kill cam nowhere near his vicinity. This only happened once, and when I pressed the folks on my friends list to see if anyone had come across it I came up empty.

There were some problems, though, that we had all experienced concerning spawns. One time I spawned without a HUD and with a bluish tint like I was still in the starting screen. I could still talk to my allies (though with the voice chat problems I kept dropping in and out), shoot, and do everything but I couldn’t die, couldn’t be seen, and worst of all, I was unable to get to any sort of menu to quit or suicide to respawn. I’ve had this instance retold by about seven people with one guy telling me he had it happen two matches in a row. I think it has something to do with checking the leaderboard because that was the one thread we all had in common but I can’t prove it. Finally, and worst of all, there’s the infamous spawning without a gun glitch. The bug does exactly that but you’re also unable to pick up any gun or use your knife, rendering you helpless or serving as target and spotting practice. This is the most common glitch I’ve heard of but it seems to be match-specific, because when it happened to my friends and teammates, we were all in the same game and reporting the same issue. These will be cleared up, I’m sure, but there’s no excuse that DICE pushed the game out the door with problems that are happening with even a hint of regularity.

Battlefield 3 is a game that will be constantly evolving and I’m sure a lot of the quirks I have encountered will be alleviated in a month or so. Unfortunately, it’s tough to score potential and judge how something could be versus what you get out of the box at this moment. I’ve been tough on the game but I can tell you that this will be my most played game in the coming months. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and when half of my friends list will be playing this game, I know I’ll always have a group to hop into. If you have three or more friends who you can hop into a squad with and love first-person shooters, you can’t top this one. It doesn’t disappoint in any capacity, I just wish the technical problems were resolved a bit more between the beta and the final release. I can’t complain too much, though, considering that this is a game that will easily last me more than 100 hours and anyone who picks it up will likely do the same. If you like fun, you’ll love this game, and if you don’t then I would suggest a new hobby.
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The Verdict

You don't want to miss this one. Once the patches roll in and clear up the issues we'll have something truly special here. I'm giving DICE the benefit of the doubt with some problems because I think they'll be cleared up in the not-too-distant future.


Everything looks absolutely great. Looking at a laser, flashlight, or even the sun blinds you and Frostbite 2 brings down the house. Literally. I just wish the particle effect was toned down because I hope the world isn't that dirty yet.


This will make you happy to have that expensive sound system. Bullets whiz by, buildings creak and crumble, tanks shift gears, everything is top notch. If the voice acting synced up and the voice chat issues were fixed it would be perfect.


I barely touched on the controls because they're so good and refined that it's kind of silly to talk about them at this point. Flying is a bit of a hassle but that's something that most will get down with practice. No issues here.


If you dive straight into the multiplayer and only play that you'll get your money's worth. The campaign is forgettable but the co-op will make you come back for more. Everything is bug ridden and could have used more polish but it's still fun.