Battlefield 3

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Four classic Battlefield 2 maps are free for those who pre-order.

They must have all read our review!

Hope you got the Limited Edition!

Like guns? Sports? Other things? You like a lot of stuff! Luckily, EA has stuff. Lots of stuff. Find out more inside.

No, no, this time it IS American football!

Oh EA, you didn't have to.

No, seriously, what?!

There are a lot of ways in, but only one way to be in first.

If you wanna play, you've gotta pay. Unless you want to wait for a beta key giveaway.

...if you buy one of these blockbuster-titles - and yes, coming up with that pun does make us feel quite clever right now.

I had a witty voice chat joke lined up before last month's patch dropped, too!

The trigger, that is. Battlefield 3 is sprinting, flying, and rolling into battle. Just don't ask me to be your pilot.