A Turret's Worst Nightmare

We make the mistake of believing that Armored Core V is about fighting robots.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: April 2, 2012
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When I moved I decided to only bring one console. The decision between my PS3 and Xbox 360 was a difficult one but ultimately, I decided to go with the triple. There was one game though, more than any other, that I missed on the 360. No, itís not Halo 3 or Gears of War. It was none other than Chromehounds, the giant robot fighting simulator. I absolutely loved that game and the Neroimus War was one of the coolest features I had ever seen. If for some reason you never got around to the game; basically, it centered around three countries fighting to gain land, power, and wealth. When you booted up the game and went online you were urged to join any of the groups. There were bonuses and drawbacks to each of the vying nations and the ever changing map made each day exciting and different. After the war was over you could even change alliances and try out things from other sides.

Little did I realize at the time that From Software would quickly become my favorite publisher of the generation. Sure, I had played Kingís Field and the Armored Core series before but I never thought they would release game after game that clicked with me. Yes, I played and got 1000/1000 in achievements on Enchanted Arms. Indeed, I was the guy that defended Armored Core 4 on every message board I frequented. You can absolutely bet your bottom dollar that I was waiting with baited breath for the announcement that Demonís Souls would be coming to America. No game on my backlog haunts me more than 3D Dot Game Heroes, which I have yet to complete. For what itís worth Dark Souls was my favorite game of last year, too.

I have spent over 300 words telling you this because I want you to understand just how excited I was finally get my hands on Armored Core V. Very rarely do I get this giddy to finally play something. From Software has managed (twice) to do what very few developers manage to do and thatís capture my imagination and get me truly hyped. Of course it doesnít hurt when you have an excellent preview on your own site either.

Armored Core V is a game that absolutely has to be played online. It doesnít matter if youíre playing with a friend, in multiplayer, or by yourself, there is no real downside to playing online. Completing missions online gives your group team points, which can be spent on invading territories. You can also hire mercenaries, which are just other players there to help out. Story and order missions only let you bring along a single merc but conquest modes will let you bring multiple allies. You can even volunteer to be a merc and help someone out, or if youíre feeling like a jerk, stabbing them in the back. Things like this are an unpleasant surprise and problematic but they rarely happen.
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