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From Software and Namco Bandai Games Announce Dark Souls and Armored Core V

We really are gluttons for punishment.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: February 2, 2011
From Software brought us Demon's Souls and though we were beaten, battered, and bruised, we kept begging for more. Whether that was to get the broken archstone repaired or, maybe, just maybe, get a sequel to arguably the best PlayStation 3 exclusive out there. Well, our prayers have been answered. From, in conjunction with Namco Bandai Games America, will be bringing Dark Souls to the United States and Europe later this year. If you want some information, be sure to swing by Kyle's article to check out what we know thus far. Like it's spiritual predecessor, there will be perks for exploration and confronting your terrifying new enemies without wilting like a little girlie-man.

And that's not all. Like a great TV infomercial, there's a bonus. We will also get Armored Core V sometime in 2012. From reading the details we got in our in-boxes, this is looking like a bit of a reboot for the franchise. There will be an all new atmosphere and robust offline mode. The only has been overhauled with the focus being put on team based combat.

The online component sounds a lot like a personal favorite of mine, Chromehounds, with Namco Bandai claiming to have an emphasis on tactics and playing the map as well as the enemy. I'll believe it when I see it, as the Armored Core franchise has always been more rewarding for those who choose action over strategy. Color me intrigued and curious for more details.

“FromSoftware has an excellent pedigree of producing remarkable fan-favorite games that have made a huge impact and invigorated their respective categories,” said Kenji Hisatsune president and CEO, Namco Bandai Games America Inc. “The two upcoming games will exemplify this heritage while yet again introducing exciting new ways for gamers to experience these genres.”

“Combining the development power of FromSoftware with Namco Bandai Games’ global publishing expertise will greatly benefit our upcoming projects,” said Eiichi Nakajima, studio head, FromSoftware, Inc. “We look forward to a successful partnership and delivering new revolutionary titles for gamers around the world.”

As we get more information we'll be sure to pass it along. For now, Ryan and I will attempt to finish Demon's Souls. Who knows, maybe between the two of us maybe we can get one Pure Bladestone!