Anomaly: Warzone Earth

This Game Is No Anomaly

Anomaly: Warzone Earth spins the tower defense genre right around.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: October 1, 2012
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Imagine if your life was to mindlessly trudge the same well-worn path over and over and over again. Just go from point A to point B until you’ve worn the leather from your shoes. Oh, and did I mention the path is by no means straight? Nope, it curves around and back on itself, meandering through valleys and over hills. Did I mention that every day while you are trudging along this path there is someone else building towers bristling with weapons to menace you every step of the way? Sounds positively dreadful, doesn’t it!

Generally in the tower defense genre, those poor saps are the guys you are drilling full of arrows or hot lead or lightning. Never thought about their plight before, did you? Well, in Anomaly: Warzone Earth you’ll find yourself in their sad shoes, as this sort of reverse-tower-defense game tasks you with making your way across the scorched earth (literally!) with as many of your guys alive as possible. Those guys and gals at 11 Bit Studios are pioneers!

The year is… sometime a bit in the future. An alien menace of some sort has launched a huge attack on both Baghdad and Tokyo putting those areas under quarantine and spreading their damned alien menace all over the streets. Enter you and your team, tasked with making their way through the quarantine and getting to the bottom of this pickle.

You’ll assemble your team from a range of vehicles that open up as you progress through the game. Early on you’ll only have access to the APC and the mobile artillery, the former being a good all-around vehicle, and the latter having good attack but poor shields. You can run with anywhere from one to six vehicles, and the order that you array them in will be vital to your success. After the first few missions, new vehicles like tanks, shield generator and flamethrowers will become available. Finding a good balance of units will be especially vital later on.

Once you’ve put together a team you find yourself look at a Rainbow 6 inspired map screen where you can plan your route through the various intersections and find the safest way to the other side. You’ll see the general layout of the enemy towers, although that is VERY subject to change in the course of the mission. If it turns out you planned a bad route, no worries, you can change it at any point during play. When you’ve got a good plan, it’s time to let the dogs out.
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