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Arm Your Missile and Drop Your Countermeasures

Ace Combat Assault Horizon comes to the PS3 next year.
Author: J.D. Cohen
Published: August 10, 2010
If you like to fly around in modern combat aircraft and blow shit up, then Project Aces has the game for you. Slated for release sometime in the far-flung future of 2011, Ace Combat Assault Horizon will feature all the explosions that a joystick jockey could want. Those explosions actually seem to be a major focus this time, as the press release brags of “aircraft that are literally torn apart, spewing oil and debris across the sky.” They aren’t exaggerating about the oil: take a look at said spewing here.

There aren’t many details yet regarding how this thing will play, but in case you’re unfamiliar with the series, I’ll catch you up a bit. Ace Combat has the trappings of a flight simulator, but with concessions made to make things more forgiving and action packed. The planes carry much larger payloads than in real life, and it’s almost impossible to run out of energy and fall out of the sky. The result of this tends to be a version of dogfighting that captures the excitement of popular movies like Louis Gossett Jr.’s masterstroke Iron Eagle IV without causing the helmet fire of more serious simulation.

Another trademark of the series is having a ridiculously overwrought story, and we can only hope that the tradition will be kept alive here. In most of the series, the action takes place in a fictional world of made-up states and geography (but strangely with real-world aircraft). Assault Horizon is following in the footsteps of the PSP’s recent Joint Assault by using the real present world as a backdrop. Producer Kazutoki Kono refers to this as a “rebirth” of the franchise, so this may be part of an effort to make the game more accessible to newcomers.

There is currently no word about the production of a flight stick bundle, but there are already a few good PS3 compatible flight sticks out there, so it may be possible to get that added touch of authenticity either way. We hope to learn more soon, so ready yourself for more “in-your-face” action, as claimed in the press release.