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Loyalty. Honor. Head bashing. Chopped off digits.

For a crime-ridden underworld, Tokyo is looking awfully glitzy! Dig this newest batch of Yakuza screens, and check back weekly for more!

To make it in the Yakuza, you need to show honor, loyality, and the business side of a baseball bat to anyone standing in your way. Obey the code!

Feast your eyes on the first trailer for SEGA's upcoming gangster epic.

Fifteen new screens showing the day-to-day life of a gangster out for revenge (hey, sometimes you need a little Jack to get through the day) join the first trailer we posted recently. This game looks nummy.

SEGA finally reveals almost full show lineup. Come, take a peek, won't you?

No, that's not a random apostrophe attack, that's what GameTap is calling their awards.

Those press kits don't upload themselves, you know! We present to you a smorgasbord of screens n' movies from all the big publishers and their respective showcases.

A gaggle of new images will help you forget all about SHOTTEH FOCK OP!!! No, seriously, this game is going to rock, no matter how... interesting some of those voices might be.

Well hey now. Somehow the news that the game had gone gold Monday slipped by us. How's about we give you some screenshots and a couple of movies? Will that make it up to you? Huh? Please?

BradyGames' new strategy guides are all over SEGA's adventure epic.