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Virtua Fighter 4

Sony To Distribute Sega's PS2 Games In Europe

[UPDATED] Sony has made an agreement to distribute seven PS2 titles for Sega in Europe.
Author: Chris Patterson
Published: June 21, 2001
A story by Reuters today revealed that Sega will let once rival Sony handle their European distribution of games for the PlayStation 2. Sega has been increasing efforts to expand global software sales after its exit from the console business earlier this year.

Under the agreement, the European unit of Sony Computer Entertainment, will manufacture, distribute and market the games in five European languages.

Sega is currently developing seven game titles including Virtua Fighter 4 for the PS2, a Sega spokesman said.

[blockquote]"Since we do not have our own marketing network in Europe, we decided to have SCE to handle distribution of our games for PlayStation 2," he said.[/blockquote]What card will Sega pull out of its hand next? Only time will tell.

The seven games that SCEE will distribute for Sega are the following:

[li]Virtua Fighter 4
[li]F-355 Challenge
[li]Head Hunter
[li]Ecco the Dolphin

[li]two games from its Space Channel 5 series[/blockquote]At least two of the titles mentioned above will be available by Christmas.