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E3: Online Add-On Pack For Twisted Metal Black

Sony will be creating a special online add-on pack specifically for Twisted Metal: Black for the PlayStation 2.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 17, 2001
Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced at a press conference this week, that they plan to create a special add-on pack which will be available for Twisted Metal: Black upon its release later this year.

The special pack will enable online playability for the game, allowing gamers to play Twisted Metal: Black on an online network. SCEA confirmed that Twisted Metal: Black will be joining the PlayStation 2 roster of internet-ready games, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Tribes II, Frequency and SOCOM: Navy Seals.

The add-on pack has currently been tentatively dubbed as Twisted Metal Online. This online add-on pack will be a completely separate product from the standard Twisted Metal: Black game. On it's own, Twisted Metal: Black will be a non-online game which will support up to four players for split-screen multiplay.

With both the Twisted Metal: Black game, along with the Twisted Metal Online add-on pack, gamers will be able to hook up onto a network and play the game over the internet. SCEA has yet to reveal just how many players Twisted Metal Online will be able to support.

The company has not revealed a release date or a price for the add-on product as of yet. We will keep you posted.