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New Vigilante 8 Title In The Works

PlayStation 2 owners will be getting their taste of a new Vigilante 8 title in the near future. New details emerge this week.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: March 14, 2001
Luxoflux; the same development team that managed to create a new breed of racing/action titles under the name Vigilante 8 is now working on a new title in the series for the PlayStation 2.

The third Vigilante 8 title may follow a very different development path from its predecessors. According to a recent job posting at Luxoflux's official website, this new title will feature 'cutting-edge technology, addicting gameplay and captivating storylines'. It's quite possible that this new title could adopt a style from Interstate '76; the very game from which the original Vigilante 8 was derived from.

As a result, this game may provide players with a more detailed storyline, creating a far more deeper single-player experience than any of the previous Vigilante 8 titles. The game will feature more identifiable characters that will require facial and body-type motion technology in order to be created. The game will show off such characters in various cut-scenes along with the CG work.

The new title is not expected to bear a "3" besides the Vigilante 8 title. Instead, this new game could be given a new title, to be known as a separate game from the PC series. Other games such as the Twisted Metal series (Twisted Metal Black) and Metal Gear (Metal Gear Solid) have gone through similar changes in the past.

An insider for Luxoflux stated the following in regards to the game:

[blockquote]"The game is making a big transformation from the past. It's going to be more of a story-driven game that will make a big transformation the same way that Twisted Metal: Black is changing. It will be a totally new game. And it will be at E3."[/blockquote]We will keep you posted as any new information becomes available.