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Test Drive

Test Drive Gets A SoundMAX Kick

Analog Devices' "animated audio" has been injected into Pitbull Syndicate's Test Drive. Find out exactly what that means inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 31, 2002
A while back, we were able to spend ample time with Infogrames' latest Pitbull Syndicate-developed Test Drive game, and we were mighty impressed. While the venue was a little too noisy to actually soak in the sound as much as the visuals, now that the game his shipped to stores, we should get plenty of experience with Test Drives aural... well, experience, I suppose.

The hoopla over Test Drive's audio comes in part from the fact that it's not just stationary or merely positional, but "animated" and scripted via SoundMAX, Analog Devices' audio rendering technology. While it provides the usual engine noise and tire squeal, SoundMAX's biggest advantage is that it plays off the environment and game physics for a more realisitc auditory representation of the game world.

"SoundMAX's audio rendering technology allows players to differentiate between the Turbo charger on a V6 engine and the deep bass boar of a big block V8," explained Infogrames LA senior vice president and general manager Jean-Philippe Agati. "SoundMAX SPX complements our state-of-the-art graphics with the most amazingly realistic sounds imaginable."

"We are very pleased to be able to bring our audio rendering solution to Infogrames and Pitbull, providing uniquely interactive sounds that contribute significantly to game play for the Test Drive series," beamed Beth Doherty, director of business development for Analog Devices. "With the addition of SoundMAX SPX, this title sets a new standard for audio sound effects in racing titles."

"When we set out to create Test Drive we envisioned a game that would be so realistic that gamers would feel like the race was taking place all around them," boasts Scott Snyder, Infogrames' director of audio. "SoundMAX SPX was the best solution to create an amazingly realistic and heart-pounding audio experience. Once you hear the sounds from Test Drive, all other racing games will seem like a soap-box derby."

Test Drive is on store shelves now, but if you need a little advice before running out to pick it up, check back here in just a few days for the full run-down.