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Namco Unleashes Unlockable Characters of Tekken 5

Anna Williams, Baek Doo San, Roger Jr. and Wang Jinrei join the roster as unlockable fighters in Namco's next brawler.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: January 24, 2005
On the dawn of releasing its latest addition to the Tekken series, Namco has dished out the details of Tekken 5's unlockable characters and the screens to prove it. The four fighters include:

Anna Williams
Role: sister of Nina Williams
Fighting style: Assassination style martial art

Baek Doo San
Role: master of Hwoarang
Fighting style: Tae Kwon Do

Roger Jr.
Role: second-generation military kangaroo developed through genetic engineering (couldn't make that one up, folks)
Fighting style: Commando wrestling

Wang Jinrei
Role: veteran heavyweight in native China
Fighting style: Xing yi liu he quan

In addition to showing off these four in all their glory, the included media provides a taste of the decked-out fighters players can adorn by means of the game's customization system. Winning rounds rewards with prize money which players can to put towards buying up items and colors for their characters, including accessories like beanies, glasses, costumes and more.

Tekken 5 is expected to come out ready to fight on March 15, 2005, our sources tell us. We'll keep you posted as always, folks.