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Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Enter Super Monkey Ball World

Because you can never have too many monkeys.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 24, 2006
Ordinarily we'd lead into this new story with some kind of clever/off-the-wall talk of monkeys and our fondness for them, but if you've ever visited the site, chances are you've already read an intro like that -- and probably for something that had absolutely nothing to do with monkeys. This time, it's actually relevant, and we're going to get straight to the poop.

Super Monkey Ball World isn't exactly a title that evokes a lot of mystery when you hear it mentioned in the same breath as an official site for SEGA's simian franchise. It's a world, and it's in habited by monkeys. It's also online. See, that's how you do a proper title. Informative and to the point.

Which is completely unlike us.

Think of it as a not-so-obvious tie-in to Super Monkey Ball Adventure, but with less shameless hawking of the game and more fun stuff to do like an in-browser version of SMB, IM icons, message boards and of course the triumphant return of [umd=]Chad[/umd]. We're guessing the boys and girls at SEGA will be updating the site with more monkey-related stuff soon, and we're even more sure that if they do, we'll probably be informed of it. If we are, we'll make sure you are pronto.