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Super DBZ

Holy Crap! Dragon Ball Z Contest!!!

Want a copy of the new game and some swanky swag?
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: July 18, 2006
It's been a while since we've had a chance to give something away to you guys. But it's Summer, and the industry tends to go through a dry spell -- not just in terms of weather (but seriously, what's up with the heat all over the place?), but in games releases too. Luckily, Atari knows exaaactly how to fix that.

It's new Dragon Ball Z game time!

That's right, even we aren't above making vaguely condescending comments about the fact that there's a new DBZ fix for all you superfans out there. Normally, we'd all sort of laugh until our bellies hurt at how rabid you DBZ guys are, but this latest entry, Super DBZ, was actually crafted with input from the original creators of a little fighting game called Street Fighter II, so we're more than a little interested.

We're also the giving type. We give you reason to send us hate mail all the time, yes, but this time, we're actually going to give you something you can enjoy: copies of the game. No, wait. Copies of the game and a DVD. No, wait, copies of the game, a DBZ DVD and some t-shirts. Interested? Good, here's the breakdown:

[First Place]
A copy of Super DBZ
A Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn DVD
A Dragon Ball Z t-shirt

[Second Place]
A copy of Super DBZ
A Dragon Ball Z t-shirt

[Third Place]
A Dragon Ball Z t-shirt

Curious about how you can win it? Fine, Mr. Demanding, we'll tell you. Prior experience with DBZ fans has left us cringing in horror at the thought of dealing with them. But we know not every DBZ fan is a raving lunatic and there are plenty of you out there that can actually hold a conversation. So that's what we want you to do. If you're not already a member, sign up at the forums and post in this thread (or any other thread, but here you'll get noticed the most).

The key here is that we want intelligent discussion. That means the same rules as the rest of the forums are in full effect: no AOL speak, no one sentence replies, no flame wars, no retarded behavior. If you register and your only post is "hay guyz u r stooped cuz dbz is teh bestast!" you're not getting anything from us except a ban.

And there you have it. You need only register, post and click the contests link at the top of the page to enter. Oh, and prove to us that DBZ isn't just for the easily amused and weak of conversation. All entries will be judged by the TPS staff, and our decision is final, no whining about who wins, and blah blah blah. What are you waiting for? Get to posting!