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Metal Saga

Atlus Deals a Pair

Two titles are getting the localization treatment, with lofty plans to give their respective genres a swift kick in the pants.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: November 4, 2005
Ah, Japanese developers. We can always count on you to turn trite game concepts and genres on their asses after we've seen about the umpteenth project claiming to be, "like GTA... but better" saturate shelves in the states (did we mention our mastery in the art of tongue twisting?). Next spring looks that have just that kind of Eastern vicissitude in store, as Atlus has reported to have two new games currently in the process of localization. Restless role players, Metal Saga may be just what the doctor ordered, and for you adventure aficionados? Dudes, Steambot Chronicles totally has your names written on it (trust us: you just have to observe the box art reaaaaaally closely).

Plot summaries? Hey, we're good at those! Let's start with Metal Saga, shall we?

Unfortunately for environmentally-aware activists, pollution hasn't solved itself in the near future. What is mankind to do in such a precarious situation? Invent a freaking colossal supercomputer and name it Noah, that's what! As always seems to be the case, technology can't be trusted (didn't you watch I.Robot, future selves? No? Good.), and Noah comes to the reasonable conclusion that stopping the problem means exterminating its source. Yeah, that'd be us. Calamity befalls humanity in form of the Great Destruction, and fast-forward a few years later, the scarce survivors of our race are on in painfully slow process of spawning again. In the "fight fire with fire" mentality we've become wonderfully notorious for acting upon, the regrouping individuals seize beastly tanks, endearingly nicknamed "hunters," to oppose the hoards of robo-goons left in Noah's wake. As a young man taking part in the action, you've risen to the occasion to fight against humanity's threat in the wake of your old man's footsteps, a former hunter himself. Dad would be proud!

"Metal Saga is a non-linear RPG in which the user is in full control of how they play the game," summated Yu Namba, Project Lead at Atlus USA. "You can spend time hunting down outlaws, collecting items, modding tanks, exploring the vast wilderness, or playing a wide variety of mini games, or instead devote yourself to unlocking any one of the many different endings."

We would get into the specifics of gameplay, but hey Yu, you nailed it!

Now what are environmentalist supercomputers (tell us that's not an oxymoron) without being coupled with two-legged, walking vehicles? Nothing, we tell ya! In Steambot Chronicles, players face an equally bizarre turn of events, as one minute, those aforementioned mobiles called Trotmobile are putting cars out of fashion, and in the next, our strikingly appetizing protagonist Vanilla Beans awakes to find himself on a stranded island, with a girl name Connie in his company and absolutely no idea what just happened (hold your pretensions, please, there are kids around). Regardless, the two set on an adventure to the town of Nefroburg, where an animated band named the Garland Globetrotters and the intimidating Killer Elephant gang await. Should Vanilla take the musical path of righteousness or give in to the tempting life of banditry? Does anyone else find this situation to be ridiculous? What's a boy to do!

"Steambot Chronicles' non-linear gameplay gives you the freedom to do whatever you want; start a band, help the townspeople, or join a gang of bandits and terrorize them--all with customizable mechs and the industrial revolution!" exclaimed Tomm Hulett, Localization Writer for Atlus USA, before passing out due to the breathless consequences of a run-on sentence.

Too much randomness for a single day? We feel ya, but worry not; the two won't have their respective Americanization treatments wrapped up until spring 2006. Mosey on to the media sections for a more discernable look at what's in the works... if you dare!