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State of Emergency

Top 10 Rentals Offer a Little Variety

After countless months of GTA3 being in first, a new game has taken the reigns. Find out which one inside.
Author: Chris Patterson
Published: February 28, 2002
So Rockstar Games hit it off with Grand Theft Auto 3 and it was the top renting videogame title for four months running. Another game has now taken its place, and guess what? It's from Rockstar! That's right, the so-called "unrelated sequel" to GTA3 State of Emergency has taken the lead. The VDSA top ten rentals are below, they cover this past week.

[blockquote]1. State of Emergency, PS2
2. Grand Theft Auto 3, PS2
3. Max Payne, PS2
4. Wreckless: Yakuza Missions, Xbox
5. NBA 2K2, PS2
6. Salt Lake 2002, PS2
7. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, GCN
8. Final Fantasy X, PS2
9. Agent Under Fire, PS2
10. WWF: Raw is War, Xbox[/blockquote]