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New Games Boost Videogame Sales @ Beginning of New Year

Usually after the holiday season is over and done with, traffic at videogame stores slows down considerably. But things that usually happen don't always go down that way. More inside.
Author: Chris Patterson
Published: February 20, 2002
Brockerage firm Goldman Sachs released a report today saying that contrary to years previous, the videogame industry has continued chugging along this year even after the holiday season came to a close. The report says that anticipation for games such as Rockstar Games' State of Emergency for the PS2, has helped to drive videogame sales during a usually slow time for videogame retail stores.

Also of note, when compared to a Goldman Sachs Software Survey taken in mid-December of last year to this month, the PlayStation 2 was the only console -- according to retailers -- that actually was in shorter supply than during the holiday season. This is due to the fact that Sony sold 8 million PS2 consoles from the beginning of last November to the end of December. It's not even close to being as bad as it was when it was first launched back in October of 2000 however, as the percentage of retailers that reported being out of PS2's only went up 2%.