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State of Emergency

State Of Emergency Engulfed In Controversy

I am honestly praying to God that it doesn't get cancelled because of this.
Author: Jeff Reimers
Published: May 31, 2001
Rockstar Games has done it again.

First it was Midnight Club, then it was Smuggler's Run, now it is State of Emergency. And boy is it lookin' fun!

State of Emergency instructs players to smash up everything and everyone in their path in order to destabilize the ATO or American Trade Organization, KOIN 6 News reports. The game contains violence, attacks on police in riot gear, fires and grenade launchers. Some people are criticizing the game, saying that it needlessly highlights the violence of the riots and overlooks the true meaning of the peaceful WTO protests.[blockquote]"It completely denigrates the message the 40,000 peaceful protestors at the WTO who were there over serious concerns about the environment and labor issues," Washington Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, says.[/blockquote]A spokesman for publisher Rockstar Games admits that the game has strong ties to the WTO riots.

State of Emergency is due out in October. Let's all hope that it stays that way (or it might cause a state of emergency).