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Want a shot at a whole heap o' digital money and some MTV fame? Read on.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: August 7, 2006
Very near the release of STACKED: Featuring Daniel Negreanu, it was announced that publisher Myelin Media had managed to hook up with the folks at MTV. Though we still scratch our heads over how that deal came to pass (and we tip our hats to the folks that actually brokered the deal), the boom of Texas Hold 'Em in a near-sport, with televised events and celebrity showdowns pulling in decent numbers, it's certainly a decent money maker.

So, the idea was to use the bit o' celebrity that Daniel Negreanu had to parlay that into an MTV special. The special has begat a tourney, and the prizes are well beyond what any poker video game has attempted thus far; steep buy-ins, a competitive schedule, and a massive 25 week run will eventually make someone either very rich, or many people very sad -- and likely both.

Here's the deal: though there are a smattering of smaller tourneys that let you build up your bankroll, you'll still have to meet the buy-in for sanctioned events during the 25 weeks. Masters Points are awarded for these sanctioned games, and vary depending on the amount of time you can stay in, the number of people you play with, the buy-in amount and so on. Three Ultra-rare Ring Events will give the winner major bragging rights in the form of one of three rings (Black Diamond, Diamond Ruby and Platinum) the in-game players can wear, but there are ring events weekly too.

For a full schedule, hit up the official site, but here's a truncated version:

[Number of Tournaments & Buy-Ins]
Type -- # -- Buy In
Black Diamond -- 1 --$5,000
Diamond Ruby -- 2 -- $3,000
Platinum -- 4 -- $2,500
Gold -- 7 -- $2,000
Silver -- 12 -- $1,500
Bronze -- 20 -- $1,000

Master Level 4 -- 0 -- $900
Master Level 3 -- 0 -- $800
Master Level 2 -- 0 -- $600
Master Level 1 -- 5 -- $500

Remember for all live tourneys, you need to register, and show up no more than an hour before the game starts. Good luck!