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New Media From Soul Calibur II Launch Party

We've got a batch of photos for you, showing just what kind of a party went down last night at the Soul Calibur II launch event in New York City.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: August 27, 2003
By now, Soul Calibur II is shipping out the woodwork and likely in the hands of hardcore gamers nationwide. Let us not forget, though, the event that started it all: last night's Soul Calibur II launch party at the EB Games store in New York City, NY. Outside the store, over 200 video game fans lined up on the sidewalks, waiting to get their grimy hands on a copy of the game. On the other hand, inside the store were contests, prizes, food, drink and various game-related activities galore, as well as a truckload of Soul Calibur II sales, no doubt. While the ecstatic new owners of Soul Calibur II are likely tucked away in the homes, gaming away now, we've got a slew of photos from last night's party for those of you who didn't attend (or maybe for those of you who did attend as well, and are looking to relive the fun). Either way, enjoy the photos listed below, and be sure to check back with later this week for our full-blown Soul Calibur II review.

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