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Sonic Riders

Sonic Rides into Stores

Yes, we really taxed our creativity with that headline. Can you guess it's about Sonic Riders? Of course you can, you smart person you.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: February 21, 2006
Those old (and/or hardcore) enough to remember the late Saturn release of Sonic R are either jumping for joy or silently praying that Sonic Team's latest effort for the hedgehog and pals actually restores the luster to the SEGA logo. If [media=848]the videos[/media] we uploaded last week are any indication, the game will at least feature a lot of Sonic trademarks, namely a serious sense of speed.

"Sonic Riders is adding a new dimension to racing games," claims SEGA VP of Marketing Scott A. Steinberg. "The blending of the action-racing genre and the Sonic franchise has created a racing game that both hardcore Sonic fans and entire families are sure to enjoy."

If anything has the power to unite Little Johnny Hardcore Gamer, his 'rents and little sister that thinks spending 12 hours a day playing games is pointless, it's undoubtedly a racing game featuring xtreme tricks, tons of air and a good sense of speed, all set amidst a race for the oft-desired-but-never-attained Chaos Emeralds. It's the very essence of family get togethers: a dash to the finish line to retrieve priceless jewels!

Okay, so maybe we're laying it on a little thick. We've built up a heavy shield of sarcasm with which to protect us from the lesser products that Sonic Team has released in recent years, but there's that part of us, the SEGA scream-loving nerd that will always hope against hope that the next Sonic game will revive our blissful days of youth while introducing us to untold levels of speed. We'll have a full review in the next few days, but of course there's always the promise of next-gen Sonic to keep our hopes alive, right? Right?